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Dec. 23rd, 2011

shade_of_lights London



Your attention please, TGS applicants!
This, the only public post on topgearslash, is in place for a very simple reason. Many people applying to TGS only have livejournal accounts to access communities, therefore their userinfo contains no evidence that they support or enjoy slash, and there is no means of contacting them. This post is a point of contact for the mods, and you, the potential applicants. The application process is merely in place to weed out trolls; if you like slash and follow the steps, you will definitely be accepted!

In order to apply for TGS membership, follow these steps:
1. Read the rules: please, please do read the rules, they're on the userinfo page, and there are further links on there that you can follow to get more information about the community once your application has been approved.

2. Click the 'join' icon/link at the top of the community's userinfo page: this step is essential. Even if you post a comment here saying you love slash, you can't be added unless you've actually applied :)

3. Comment in reply to this post confirming your interest in slash and RPS. If you do not know what 'slash' is please find out before applying. This is not just a fansite for the show.

4. Once your application has been processed, please make sure you read the rules again, follow the links on the userinfo page and in the tags to help orientate yourself. That should bring you up to speed on how TGS operates :) If that doesn't help with your query, however, then feel free to message the mods.