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Top Gear Slash
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Hello and welcome to Top Gear Slash! This is a community relating to the slashing or slashiness of the three former presenters of UK motoring show Top Gear. It will continue to celebrate the slashy delights of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they move on together with The Grand Tour.

Your Benevolent Dictators Moderators
wyvernchick and sistersophie ~ Keepers of the TGS Flame, and to whom any and all questions should be addressed.

deliciousmelody ~ Keeper of the TGS Memories.

Former Keepers of the Flame
deliciouslips69 (mod, 2011-14), suggsygirl (mod, 2011-13); anazri (still on as owner), nicodeimus, and rowana (co-founders extraordinaire; without them, this comm would not have existed until much later).


Now With That Out of the Way...

If you apply to join, please check out the public post and follow the instructions therein.

If you have a problem with homosexuality or the discussion of homosexuality, please leave now.

If you're looking for slash fic from other versions of the show, you won't find it here, as this is exclusively devoted to the UK version 2002-2015. For fic centred around the US version, try top_gear_usa (full disclosure: the US comm is run by our own venusinthenight and is slash-friendly!). If we learn about other slash-friendly comms devoted to other versions of Top Gear, or to the UK version from 2016 onwards, we'll be sure to point you toward those as well.

That all said...

Slashy pics, fics, clips, wallpapers, photomanips - all welcome. Stay on topic and we're all ears!

We have a companion community, discuss_tgs, which is open to all TGSers and does pretty much what it says on the tin. Please double-check before posting to topgearslash to make sure that your post isn't one that would be better suited to discuss_tgs - things like fic searches, requests, and discussions about old news belong over there. There is also a community exclusively for podfics, tgs_podfic, so head over there for all your podficcing needs! If you're a fan of kink memes, we have an ongoing one going on at tgs_kink (anonymity optional).

New Members: PLEASE read this post! It does save things having to be explained again and again. Please also note that the community's policy on Adult Content is outlined here.

Da Rules
TGS has always been a pleasant and friendly community. Flaming, bitch fights and ranting against another member will not be tolerated and will result in squashing.

In the interests of keeping everyone marginally sane, we ask you to put long posts or pictures behind lj cut-tags. If you don't know how, feel free to ask or (preferably) check the Livejournal FAQs.

Story posting: ALL stories must be given at least a rating, pairing, brief summary, series (if applicable) and warnings if necessary (e.g. BDSM, Non-con, Graphic violence). If warnings/content notes are considered a spoiler in your story, you may hide them behind a lj-spoiler tag (see this post about how to use it) or a second LJ cut. Non-con and major character death must always be tagged.

Art/photomanip posting: Pics must be given a rating, pairing, and warning (if necessary).

Posting in your own LJ: Absolutely no problem with this, but if you do post an item in your journal and mention it on the comm, PLEASE put in a direct link to the correct entry! Please also use the appropriate tags.

Linking: Please do not post other people's work - that includes fic, art, photomanips, icons, everything - on any other site without their express permission. TGS is a locked comm for a reason and TGS-ers should feel that their creations are safe and in the right place.

Tags: There is a tagging system in operation. If you post, please use them; it makes navigating the comm an awful lot easier for everyone. The full list is here: Tags

Formatting: This is an issue we are taking very seriously. ALL posts must have proper formatting, by which we mean the basics. Paragraphs must be double-spaced and grammar and punctuation must be at the very VERY least coherent and legible. There is little to no excuse for posting something that gives everyone a headache to read.

Betas: You can find a list of friendly beta-readers right here, who've all volunteered and who are more than happy to look over fanfic for you. All criticism will be purely constructive :) Please do not hesitate to make use of this list.

Questions: Please message wyvernchick , deliciouslips69 and/or sistersophie if you have any other queries! We don't bite, unless you want us to, obviously.

DISCLAIMER: The works posted here are fictional, and no claims are made about the people they concern.

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